Motel with a liquor store
for your convenience

Enjoy a liquor store on-site for your convenience:
After a long night of driving, sometimes you just want to relax. We offer an on-site liquor store for your convenience. First, take a load off, then hop on over to the Hillbilly Haven Motel liquor store for some relaxing and refreshing beverages.
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Get an impeccable
beer selection 

If you are worried about selection at the Hillbilly Haven Motel, don't be! We have over a dozen domestic beer brands available. Grab a bottle or two (or a full case) of your favorites and let the fun night begin!

For those wine lovers, we also have a great selection of domestic wines.
Have a beer at the Bootleggers Bar and one for the road with the on-site liquor store!

Ways to enjoy the liquor store: Over a dozen domestic beers, ripe for the choosing!
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Ways to enjoy the 
liquor store

• Share a beer with your trip buddies
• Share a beer with your new
   Hillbilly Haven friends
• Toast with wine to a great trip
• Celebrate a birthday with a glass of beer
• Relax with a brew and a great cable show
• Take a new bottle home as a souvenir
   from your Hillbilly Haven Motel trip!